Basics of Online Reputation Management

Basics of Online Reputation Management

Content Monitoring: It is important to monitor the voice over social media and that is the basic of online reputation management program. As a practice the agency should manage content presence across social networking platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Youtube, Slideshare, Flickr) and other relevant content channels.

Neturalize Negativity: As a good social media policy brand should accept the negative feedback and consider it as opportunity to improve your product or service. online reputation management team shall never remove and delete the negative comments. However, the attempt should be made to neutralize the negativity in the comment.

Reputation Monitoring: We shall also use navigation tools to find out where in the web brand is appearing and what the views are shared.

Content Proliferation: Generate presence across content based social networking platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Youtube, Slideshare, Flickr and propagate relevant content across channels. It is also important to promote content on other social media marketing groups like Google groups, Yahoo groups Technorati, etc.

Community Building: Conceptualizing, designing and launching a community which will directly and indirectly promote product and services of client on Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, and other relevant social media platforms.

Viral Marketing: Effective Social media marketing campaigns must generate viral marketing campaign for visibility and reach with the relevant audience. The viral campaign should just not only generate visibility but also engage audience, which in long run will generate loyalty.

Discussion Forums and Blog Support: Support brand in building its presence across various related discussion forums and blogs. It is important for the success of the campaign to engage client in the process. For quality engagement at various discussion forums and blog support it is important to get all appropriate domain expertise from brand.

Corporate and Personal Blogging: It is important to have documented corporate and personal blogging policy which provide guidelines and conduct reviews for the corporate blogging done by the management and employees. A well-defined corporate and personal blogging policy also brings in uniformity in messaging and generate positive image.

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