Best Web Analytic Tools

Best Web Analytic Tools

Here are some of the web analytics tools that can be used to gain more understanding about website traffic:

Chartbeat keeps constant watch on visitors and what they are doing on website. This gives information about necessary adjustments needs to be done on content or design.

Clicky offers real-time analytics, including spy view, which observe what current visitors are doing on site. Its dashboard is simple to use and presents all the information that offers web analytics.

Compete gives creative intelligence on what competitors are doing or how your users ended up on website in the first place.

Crazy Egg uses the power of Heatmap technology to give visual picture of what site visitors are doing on your Web pages.

Google Analytics is one of the best free tools that any website owner can use to track and analyze data about Web traffic. This tool generates report for website that includes information about visitors, traffic sources, goals, content and e-commerce.

Google Website Optimizer is yet another free tool from the stable of Google. The website optimizer is a complex testing service that allows to rotate different segments of content on your website to see which sections and placement convert into the most clicks, and at the end of the day, the most sales.

Kissmetrics is another analytics tool that allows clients to track the movements of individual visitors throughout their websites.

Mint is self-hosted analytics tool. Mint tracks site visitors, where they are coming from and what pages they are viewing.

Optimizely is an easy way to measure and improve website through A/B testing.

Spring Metrics offers real-time conversion analytics, top converting sources, keyword analytics, landing-page analysis, e-mail performance reports and simple point-and-click configuration. Spring Metrics tracks visitor’s path through your website from the time he landed to the time he left.

Woopra offers real-time analytics tracking, that feeds you live visitor stats, including where they live, what pages they are on now, where they’ve been on your site and their Web browser. This performs best with e-commerce site.

Yahoo Web Analytics is like Google Analytics. It offers better access control options and a simpler approach to multi-site analytics, raw and real time data collection, visitor behavior and demographics reports and customized options as well.

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