eMyPA – A Business Card Management Startup.

eMyPA – A Business Card Management Startup.

I had privilege of interviewing Ravi Founder Director of eMyPA. He has been an entrepreneur for over 5 years. His desire to overcome the challenge of managing his business contacts over the years led to the creation of He envisages a time when professionals will stop dreading the need to manage paper clutter like business cards and make better use of their time in building and managing their relationships. With an MBA from Indian Institute of Management Bangalore he has over 17 years of experience across industries in building and nurturing successful teams of professionals in organizations like Hewlett Packard, Tata Unisys and IndianOil.

Ravi believes that in this ever increasing competitive world it is critical to get the right help. An effective and efficient Personal Assistant (PA) is something all of us long to have but are challenged in finding. When one does find an efficient PA then there are a lot many other value adding work that can be assigned rather than the mundane but critical task of managing business cards. Here is the excerpt of the discussion.

Q: Tell us all about EMyPa?
Ravi: eMyPA is a cloud based digital business card holder, which helps people to access both the data and the card (scanned image) anytime, anywhere and on any device.

In pursuit of your business you meet many people and collect a large number of Business Cards. You may be overwhelmed by the sheer numbers that have to be organized and indexed. Then there is also the challenge of accessing the data when you are on the move. eMyPA provides a 2 step simple solution to manage your relationships better:
1. Use our mobile app to capture a picture of the business card,
2. Upload the business card image to the cloud

The business card data is digitized and pushed into your mobile thereby providing access to this data on your fingertips. We also enable you to capture the contextual information as it is generated. Our solution enables our users save time from their busy schedules and increase their productivity.

Q: What made you start EMyPa?
Ravi: Managing my contact information was a challenge for me. I would often times meet people and exchange business cards. However after a few days of the meeting, either the cards would go missing or I would have the challenge of connecting the card with the person. Therefore I set out to explore the possible solutions for this problem. While the solutions that existed did solve the problem to some extent I still felt that a more elegant solution could be made. Checking with a few professional associates reinforced the hunch that there was indeed a latent need for an elegant solution to the business card problem.

Q: What do you want to achieve from organization EMyPa?
Ravi: We would like to reach a stage when two professionals exchange business cards they would involuntarily think of using the eMyPA Mobile App to capture their business cards. We dream of a time when the eMyPA Mobile App is on every mobile phone.

Q: Who all are your competitions?
Ravi: Competition comes in different forms. a) At the very basic level companies capture their business card data in Microsoft Excel. b) Business Card Scanners coupled with a proprietary software are used by companies as well as entrepreneurs. Both the above approaches are typically used by the Administrative staff in Medium and Large companies. Companies like CardScan, Neat are well known for their Business Card Scanners. c) Apps on mobiles and tablets to scan Business Cards are used mainly by individuals. Solutions like ABBY, ScanBizCards, WorldCard, CamCard are leaders in this area.

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