Successful Email Marketing Tips

Successful Email Marketing Tips

I have spend good amount of my digital marketing experiences in exploring and understanding email marketing. I have encountered many questions around what is basic email marketing tips or best practices. Here is the list of email marketing tips which are must for the success of email delivery.

  1. Early in morning everyone is busy finishing the last day backlog and planning for the day’s activity. The marketers should try to avoid the early morning inbox clutter by sending promotional mail during the day
  2. It is suggested to avoid underlining text. The general perception is hyperlink text is underlined so avoid underlining text if it is not a link.
  3. It is recommended to include a hyperlinked table of contents at the top of your message so people can click or scroll right to the section of their choice.
  4. Email marketing can be used for an online signup form on your website to collect new opt.
  5. The marketers can also use an automated opt-out system for those who want to unsubscribe the mailers.
  6. It is suggested to have size of mailer to be restricted to 100kb in size for better delivery. Though it is not the necessary condition.
  7. It’s important to use a mix of text and images to give the text only recipients something to read. It is suggested to have 70:30 text and creative ration for the good email delivery.
  8. It is important to know that HTML and Rich media messages that include audio, video, and animation generate high response rates, but
  9. it’s still important to always have a text version for people who prefer or can only receive text.
  10. It is important to test creative, content, mail format, spam, etc. before taking it live.
  11. The key to finding the right design styles and campaign delivery techniques is to test everything separately and mailers delivery once mailer is ready.
  12. The best response comes from opt-in lists that are built in-house.
  13. Always send a test email to a proof list first before taking it to entire opt-in list. The proof-list group can also be instrumental in checking links, spellings, email rendering, etc.
  14. It is strongly recommended to use email marketing to communicate with existing customers as they are the great source of repeat business
    A good and effective email should always use a forward to a friend feature to encourage recipients to share with friends and colleagues
  15. The email should also have well defined and multiple call-to-action buttons and each call to action button should be tracked separately.
  16. The effective email should have all social buttons viz. Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter, Pintrest integrated for effective social media integrations.
  17. It is important to have responsive design for the mailer. It is suggested to offer well-designed mobile experience from the start.
  18. It is recommended to send mailers with personalized recommendations into emails for the ultimate in one-to-one communications.
  19. Use email marketing to accomplish what email does best: increase revenue, generate leads, strengthen customer relationships, increase website traffic, and build brand awareness.
  20. Choose a subject line that grabs your reader’s attention. It is recommended to avoid vague content. Instead, use an interesting topic or headline from the newsletter.
  21. It is important to analyze results and think of new ways to provide value to your customers by tweaking message of the campaign.
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