TrackNext.com: India’s First Business-Social-Network

TrackNext.com: India’s First Business-Social-Network

we further discover that we can help other companies also. This is why Ankit Verma and  Shibam Sarbswa co-founded TrackNext.

TrackNext is a business social network with business owners and entrepreneurs, who enjoy the freedom to do things in their own terms; whose businesses are the extensions of their passion; who enjoy having real conversation with other business owners and customers. The founders believe that advertising on social networks can be profitable, but is too expensive for a business to advertise on social networking sires. Moreover, it doesn’t confirm chance to be seen by the potential customers because of the large user base. TrackNext provides free advertising for its members to shorten the burden of ad expenses for a business and reach out to every potential customer.

Q: How big is the industry that you are operating into?

Shibam Sarbswa: TrackNext is a startup and like every other company, its size is increasing day-by-day.  Actually we don’t believe in only increasing the employee number rather we believe in our team members and do the complete work only through them.

TrackNext’s vision is helping people in saving their time so that they can give maximum time to themselves; for this we have combined both personal & Professional network to one Tracknext.

Q: Who are the Founders and what’s their background?

Shibam Sarbswa: Ankit verma & Shibam Sarbswa are the co-founders; but every person of our team is the key team member; whereas Akansha leads product management, Likewise Amit, Devesh ,  Devansh, Saurabh & Nishant  are the real technical hero’s for TrackNext

Team - TrackNext.com

Team – TrackNext.com

Q: What’s the story behind the startup?

Shibam Sarbswa: We found that the students in India are educated but they are not rightly placed and along with this we also found out that the companies despite of doing everything they do not get employees according to their requirement. So we created TN

 Q:  Please tell our readers something about your first ‘encounter’ with entrepreneurship and how this has changed your life?

Shibam Sarbswa: Working as an entrepreneur is really difficult, you have to manage everything and you will get many experiences while discovering each thing you do right from the starting. Moreover, there is so much fun and adventure in this field, and this all has changed our life completely. One more interesting fact is that, there is always a way just you need to find out that way.

 Q: How did you decide the name for your startup?

Shibam Sarbswa: When we had just started working on this project I use to tell my team members that track this person and track that person or I ask them how will you track a students and these all type of questions and then after tracking I use to tell what next ….. And then I come up with an idea that I should name the product Tracknext and I have done that. And this is unique name, isin’t.

Q: What is the unique selling-point of your startup?

Shibam Sarbswa: Yes, there is many different things in my product that nobody will found in any other product and that are helping students without charging any penny. It can also be used in helping employees in finding the right candidates without any charge and can also be used in helping startups in growing their business and others in increasing their contact.

We just want to help india and its people  and am sure that people will find jobs either freshers or experienced and nobody has to go abroad only for doing job and employees don’t have to rely on outsiders for their work.

 It’s a complete package of “MADE IN INDIA”.

Q: What is the current brand positioning and whom do you see as competition?

Shibam Sarbswa: This product is very good and we don’t think that there is any competitor in India because everybody is doing business by charging and people see only their profit but we are free for all our .

Q: What are the services being offered by your company?

Shibam Sarbswa: Many services like helping fresher’s and  experienced in finding job, helping employers in getting the right candidates, helping businessmen in increasing their contact and business, helping people in contacting with their friend and others for personal and professional purposes.

Q: Who are your major competitors and what are the major obstacles being faced by you in quickly scaling up your services?

Every startup has to face some problems and I am also one of them. I have to manage everything, taking care of every team members and other things. Everyday I experienced something new and along with that there is too much fun and adventures.

Q: What kind of background, domain expertise, and attitudinal aspects are you looking for in your employees?

Shibam Sarbswa: We only need dedicated and patient persons in our team. Because at times it may happen that the result of any new launched feature is not good or it is not giving quick results so for that time we need patient people and as far as dedication is concerned every company needs that.

Q: What are your future plans? How do you see your company evolving in the next five years?

Shibam Sarbswa: We wants that people should not rely on others for their work and Indians should not go to abroad just only to do jobs; because there are many options in India

In next five years we want whole India tracking themselves on tracknext & compelling foreigners to use it.

Q: Any challenges that you faced during your startup journey and any inspirational story you could share with our readers?

Shibam Sarbswa: Frankly Speaking, nothing in this world is a cake walk; but every time my TEAM stood up & defeated every bugs & problems. It’s really impossible to start without a balanced team, we have spent many sleepless nights together working on it & bringing it to this level.

Q: Any tips you would want to share with aspiring entrepreneurs in this field?

Shibam Sarbswa: Be patient while doing any work and you will find this life very interesting.

Q: Would you like to make any concluding statements?

Shibam Sarbswa: Join TrackNext today; we are available on android & waiting for you to review it. http://goo.gl/bWWqtC

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